Work Plan

List of Participants:


  • P1 –Eagle Intuition Training Center – PORTUGAL
  • P2 – Agrupamento de Escolas Emídio Navarro  – PORTUGAL
  • P4 – 3 Lykeio IIiopolis – GREECE
  • P6 – CEM – ITALY
  • P7 – University of ORADEA – ROMANIA
  • P8 – Andragoski zavod Ljudska Univerza Velenje – SLOVENIA


  • An           – PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION ACTIVITIES                             
  • On/An    – INTELLECTUAL OUTPUTS/ACTIVITIES                                        
  • Mn         – TRANSNATIONAL PROJECT MEETINGS                                      
  • En           – MULTIPLIER EVENTS                                     
  • Cn           – LEARNING/TEACHING/TRAINING ACTIVITIES                                          
  • n             – number of the activity                                  





All the members participate in the activities, but will be one partner (Px) that will be coordinator for that activity.


September 2017: project starts

         Preparation of the 1st meeting

         First steps in the project


November 2017: 1st meeting Portugal – M1

         Project agenda (P1 + P2 + P3)

         Sharing of the financial guide (P1)

         Sharing first draft of the website (P1) – A1

         Sharing of first mapping draft presentation (P6) – A2

         Discussion of the good practices collected and shared by each partner (P7) – A3

         Drafting of the web library (P4) – A4

         Social networks (P3) – A5

         Draft for the quality report (P8) – A6


December 2017 – March  2018:

         Video of the 1st meeting (P3) – A7

         Preparation of the first draft of prototype of training model for teachers (P5) – A8

         Web site constant updating (P1) – A1

         Launch of the contest – Logo of the project (P2) – A9

         Preparation of the newsletter 1 (P7) – A10


March 2018: 2nd  meeting Romania – M2

         Newsletter 1 (P7) – A9

         Selection the logo of the project – A9

         Presentation and discussion about the prototype of training model (P5) – O1

         1st Quality report (P8) – A10


March to October 2018

         Perfecting of the prototype of training model and didactic material (all) – O1

         Draft of the electronic presentation of the project – (P2) – A11

         Draft of the video promoting the project (P3) – A12

         Final details for the training course of October 2018 (P5)

         Final evaluation of the 1st year and partial evaluation (all)


October 2018 – Trainner of the Trainners – Scotland – C1

         Testing the prototype of the training model within the participants – Video in Education Context – O1


November 2018 to March 2019

         Sharing of the materials by each work groups  (all) – O1

         Implementation of the training course for teachers at local level – O1

         Electronic presentation of the project – A12

         Rules of the video contest (P2 + P4) – A13

         Preparation of the newsletter 2 (P7) – A14


March 2019 – 3rd meeting Italy – M3

         Presentation of the Survey about motivation/early school leaving of the students (P6) – O1

         Newsletter 2 (P7) – A15

         Sharing of the local training results and feedbacks

         Validation of the didactic materials (P6 + P7)) – O1

         Start of the video contest for students – Rules (P1 + P2 + P3 + P4) – A13

         Draft of the project brochure (P4) – A14

         2nd Quality report (P8) – A15



March to October 2019

         Final evaluation of the 1st  year and partial evaluation

         Perfecting of the prototype of training model and didactic material – O1

         Workshops for parents (P1 + P2 + P3 + P4) – A16

         Draft of Pedagogical Kit – Teachers (P2 + P4) – O1

         Draft of Pedagogical Kit – Parents (P6 + P7) – O1

         Draft of Pedagogical Kit – Students (P1 + P3 + P5) – O1

         Video contest – Students (P1 + P2 + P3 + P4) – A13


October 2019 – Training Course – Slovenia – C2

         Presentation of good practices 

         Early School Leaving – The Slovenian case.

         Activities of practice about the video and images in the classroom


October 2019 to January 2020

         Creation of the e-book related to the project – A14

         Implementation of the training course for teachers at local level – O1

         Preparation of the newsletter 3 (P7) – A15

         Exchange of students from P2 to P4 – C3

         Selection of the best videos from the “Students Video Contest” – A13


January 2020 – 4th meeting  – Greece – M4

         The best videos from the “Students Video Contest” – A13

         Newsletter 3 (P7) – A15

         Draft of Pedagogical Kit (Teachers , Parents and Students)- O1

         Preparation of the final event (multiplier event) – E1

         Dissemination activities: Organization and implementation of local seminars for the dissemination of the project outputs

         3rd  Quality report (P8) – E16


January to May 2020

         Preparation on the final event

         Dissemination activities

         Preparation of the newsletter 4 – E17

         Reflection about the training courses

         Last details of the Pedagogical Kit (Teachers , Parents and Students) – O1

         Schools (P2 and P4)  prepare and develop activities for the Final Event

         Exchange of students from P4 to P2 – C4


May 2020 – Final Event – Portugal – E1

         Video in education context public presentation


May 2020 – 5th meeting  – Portugal – M5

         Newsletter 4 – A18

         Presentation of the Pedagogical Kit (Teachers , Parents and Students) – O1

         3rd  Quality report (P8) – A19

         Presentation of the survey results – O1

         Preparation of the final report – A20


May to August 2020

         Preparation of the final report – A20