The Movie Project is a culmination of a series of training workshops . It will start from a practical mapping of film language and media education already present in the partnership countries. 

Its aim is to create a model of innovative training, replicable and sustainable at a European level which can be implemented by the end users of the project (trainers, educators and young people.)

The participants once experienced in these practices, will be able to apply these training packages directly into their everyday teaching practice both at school, universities or in adult education. In this context, the project will have a positive impact on all the stakeholders such as: 

– The project staff – The targets identified as the preferred testing of training model 

– The institutions to which the targets belong to Impact on project staff: Of course, the partnership of MOVIE project is varied and articulated, because it involves institutions and associations which, though linked by common interests and educational field of study, work with different mission and different targets. 

Despite this, for each of them MOVIE represent an important opportunity for improvement and professional specialization. All staff, first of all, will be able to understand and investigate the educational practices used in this context by the other European countries involved in the project.

In this sense, the first added value is represented by sharing their strategies and teaching methodologies used in different European contexts , in order to converge towards a possible common curriculum in different countries with objectives, activities and teaching methods that are common and replicable not only at the central level of designing European training course, but also at the level of the specific local contexts. 

The project therefore satisfies the need to build a sense of belonging to the European context also through the sharing of best educational practices to ensure an education that respects local context , but is also able to open up to the knowledge of the countries of the European Union maximizing the benefits of such an exchange . 

The project staff will then implement the relationship with the local area to which they belong , including the development of events and activities, not only aimed at specific staff , but also to the public and other institutions working in the same area ( for example events to promote the project , conferences, local seminars) . 

This will allow staff to not only to implement the national and European network they work with, but also to enlarge the network on the territory of belonging, intercepting other associations and institutions working in the field of education and the promotion of film culture and beginning to collaborate and share possible common practices . 

Impact on Target project : The in-service teachers and educators will be able to implement their professional practice , experimenting a training model on these issues, both thanks to the encounter with the project staff, and to the availability of an on-line library, even at the end of the project. along two fronts: 

The target then will come out enriched under a human and cultural point of view, given the opportunity to socialize and interact with geographical and cultural contexts other than its own . The target then will be incorporated into new training programs that will enhance their specific skills in terms of relational, communicative and operational competencies, considering the growth opportunities offered by cross-cultural participation in the activities of the network of partners.