TV Almada (PT)

The Novo-Plano Audiovisuais, Lda ( TV ALMADA) is a company created in 2007 directed to new technologies, with training in audiovisual productions, editing and management of video and audio.

ALMADA TV is an online TV, generalist, independent and free, to inform, serve and promote the social and collective life of the Municipality of Almada.

As a means of communication based on a solid and sustainable structure, from the medium of radio, aims to give voice and space to Almada people, sending the world through greater self-information highway, the Internet, what is happening in the county.

ALMADA TV is a TV online, organized by thematic issues. Its characteristics allow a wide area covered by its segmentation, which can be both specific and comprehensive, according to the objective of the campaign, the advertiser and target audience reach.

Advertisers have come to realize these benefits and, therefore, advertising “online”, has been growing at a high pace and quite effectively. To confirm this, just know that 75 percent of young people have joined in full to the Internet and there is looking for information and knowledge.


António Oliveira - Team Coordinator

General Director of TVAlmada
Communication Professional

Valter Pinho

Degree in Communication and Multimedia
Responsible for production and video editing on TVAlmada