LTT – Slovenia – Set 2019 – Teachers

In the week from 23 to 27 September 2019, Ljudska univerza Velenje conducted training within the ERASMUS + project MOVIE. The main goals of the project are, with the help of examples of good didactic practices, to create a basis and instructions for training educators in teaching with the help of short video content. With this, we intend to increase motivation for learning and prepare and train teachers for the use of IT, social media, film and visual content and other technological and creative forms in teaching. Learning with the help of films how to effectively use existing recordings, how to prepare new ones and how to integrate them well into educational content is only a part of the content we discussed in this training.

The added value to the training and the presentation of the successful motivation of students who left school early (for various reasons) was presented by the guest Natalija Žalec. She presented to the project partners the success story of the PUM project, which is a program in which younger adults aged 15 to 26 who have unsuccessfully completed or dropped out of primary, vocational, professional or grammar school level are included for a period of up to 10 months. In the program, with the support of mentors and external collaborators, they can acquire competencies that enable them to successfully approach the labor market or continue their education. At the end of the presentation of the example of good practice of the previously mentioned project, the guest also answered the questions of the partners.

Based on past and current ERSMUS + projects, Ljudska univerza Velenje already has quite a bit of experience on the topic of inverted learning and has also presented the latter to its partners. The innovative method of reverse learning is also based on the use of short educational video content, which is also the purpose of the MOVIE project.

A good part of the training took place in a model city, where we transformed into actors, directors, cameramen, screenwriters and more with our MOVIE project partners. In the presence of experts Miha Cojhter and Erik Kapfer, we learned about the key steps in making films and short video content with the help of theory, and then we tested ourselves in practice. We split into groups, where each made their own video with a previously chosen theme. A film matinee of short films followed.

The training in Velenje was useful for all partners, as everyone learned how we can motivate students to learn with the help of short video content. We can use existing films or make them ourselves (where we can also involve the students themselves).