CEM – Centro Educazione Media (IT)

CEM is a nonprofit association of educational and vocational training addressed to social promotion. It was born in 2007, as result of the collaboration among teachers and trainers interested in the Media Education issues and the researchers working in the Communication Department, the Psychology Department of the University of Pavia, public bodies involved in the EMECE European project (Eduquer aux Médias pour un Espace Civique Européen- Projet Comenius 2.1 N. 226642-CP-1-FR-C2.1).

CEM’s associates are teachers, psychologists, sociologists, experts of communication (video maker), languages learning/teaching, experts of web and software editing, university’s professors and researchers. They are all interested in multimedia communication, language learning and teaching to adults and development of the ICT.

CEM organizes:
– Video maker and Video editing courses for adults
– Courses for teachers about application of media and ICT to teaching methodology.
– Media Education projects focused on media decoding and media productions.
– courses about video and documentary productions (in collaboration with Pavia Municipality)
– software to be used for didactic purposes
– courses for adults immigrants for the reflexion on their linguistic former experiences.

Its target are :
– Adults who want to improve their competences in the field of multimedia decoding and productions
– Elder who are interested in the reflexion on their autobiographies (social and linguistic ones)
– Teachers who want to use all the languages and codes to reflect on their previous learning experiences
– Students of different schools and level
– Immigrants who are supported in their inclusion process through the discovery of the importance of their media competence,
plurilingualism and pluriculturalism.
– Families and parents who wants to be awareness about media use and language

It promotes the diffusion of Media Education and of language acquisition awareness through the organization of:
– Conferences and courses opened to the wide community
– laboratories for schools
– creation of multimedia product: dvd ̧ video
– training courses on Internet Safety
– Digital literacy for families
– Digital literacy at school
– training courses on the use of the video (video making and video editing)
– training courses for a linguistic transversal awareness.

CEM also organizes course and training course for teachers and for adults in different fields, such as:
– How to do training and education
– Didactic strategy at school
– Communication


Learn more: www.educazionemedia.it