The Movie Project and the Images

Direção Geral de Administração Escolar (DGAE), that is the Portuguese General School Administration launched a challenge to all Portuguese schools to invite the Arts students to draw the four Portuguese people that they associate to symbols of peace searching. This work is to be articulated between the Drawing and Citizenship and Development subjects. As an international ERASMUS + – Movie Project project is currently taking place at our school, the works done by the 16 students of the 12th AV (Visual Arts) class, have been included in this Movie Project. These works portray the Portuguese faces for peace/75 years, namely our institutional representatives at the UN, Maria de Lurdes Pintassilgo, Freitas do Amaral, António Guterres and Jorge Sampaio. One of the works was sent to a national competition; nonetheless, the others deserve not only to be part of the heritage collection of our school and our library, but also to integrate the above referred international project, due to their quality and successful example of developing aesthetic sensitivity, evoking peace in a school, as it is the case of ours, that has the responsibility to assume itself as a spokesperson for this very important UNESCO value.