3 Lykeio Ilioupolis

3 Lykeio Ilioupolis (GR)

A state Secondary school for Academic studies of about 400 students , aged 15-18, preparing for the National University Entry exams in the last year of their three-year studies.

There are about 35- 40 teachers specialized in Greek Philology and History, Modern & Ancient Greek Language, Sciences (Biology-Physics-Chemistry), Math, Athletics, Sociology, Foreign Languages (English-French), ICT, Design, Economy, Political Science, Religion and Project Based Learning (PBL).

Most students come from a middle class context. Teaching is based on multiple or differentiated teaching strategies and methods including multimedia. The quality system used is the nationwide one from excellent- 20- to base mark 10 via participation and exams in class.


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Anna Drakotou - Team Leader

English and Project based instructor. B.A. on Greek and English Language and Literature. MA TESL Vermont, USA (1991) on “Teaching English as a Second Language”. Coordinator for the European programmes, Erasmus+, Euroscola and eTwinning award winner since 2012. She is presently a teacher of English Language and Creative Project in the secondary education. A Mentor for senior students’ practicum of the English Language Faculty, in Athens University since 2016. A prior lecturer on Academic English Language and Writing in the American College of Greece, (1994-2002) and English teacher in adult continuing education in HAU(Hellenic American Union). An enthusiastic reader and supporter of good teaching practices based on inclusion, Democracy and Human Rights.

Antonios Georgiadis

Chemistry instructor with a BA in Chemistry, Athens University and responsible for the science lab in our school. Prior teacher mentor for novice state teachers taking seminars 2008-2010. Participant in a Chemistry innovative programme ‘Learning by Design”. Coordinator of the teachers assessing Chemistry exams in National or Pan-Hellenic admission exams for University or Higher Education. Exam topic contributor in the national competition EUSO. Good IT knowledge Η/Υ: Word, Power-point, Excell, Internet, Outlook, Access.

Christos Gantzoudis

IT instructor. A Bachelor’s degree on Software Engineering, University of West Attica, Vice-principle in the 3rd General Lyceum of Ilioupolis, Athens, Attica. He has worked as a teacher of Information Technology to students aged 15-18 in Secondary Education for 23 years. He has also got experience into teaching IT , PC usage and new technology in seminars for teachers and adults in continuing education. He has been the Contact person for the international PISA contest in our school.

Dimitra Pilati

A Philology instructor with a Bachelor’s Degree on Greek Philosophy, University of Athens. She has been teaching mostly all classical subjects in Upper-secondary education. She has got good organisational skills. An assessor for national admission examinations to University. She enjoys good teaching practices and being in contact with teenagers.

Eugenia Spetsiotou-Melliou

Instructor of Greek Philology subjects. Bachelor’s Degree on Greek Philology, University of Athens. Μ.Α in Counseling – professional school counseling. She teaches Modern and Ancient Greek, Literature, Philosophy, History and History of Theatre and Art. An assessor of academic writing and philology for the national entry exams to Higher education. She has been using the project based methodology and innovative good teaching practices, such as, e-class and blogging. An avid writer of articles on education and author of two books and a blogger curator.

Giannis Argyris

Biology instructor. He is a B.A.Biology graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, (1973-1978) He is a M.Sc. holder in "Biology Applications in medicine" since 2001. Principal of 3rd General Lyceum Heliopolis, Athens, Attica since 2015. He was Vice-principal of the 3rd General Lyceum Heliopolis from 2010 to 2015. Responsible for the design and renovation of the school's website. Coordinator of the teachers assessing Biology exams every year in National or Pan-Hellenic admission examinations for University or Higher Education .

Kanella Kyriakopoulou

A Maths instructor with a BA Mathematics, Crete University. Vice-principal and a teacher of both basic and A-Level Mathematics in our school. An assessor of academic Maths for the national admission exams to University or/and Higher education. Good IT skills, organisational skills in educational programmes, multi-day school expeditions. Good at speaking English and very good at German.

Natassa Kypreou

Sociology instructor with a B.A., Sociology in Secondary Education, six-month Counseling psychology and professional orientation seminar, by Athens University. Experiential multi-day seminars to prevent addictions. Good IT skills, organisational skills in educational programmes, multi-day school expeditions, excursions and student exchanges. Good knowledge of English. Creative pastime activity: painting

Olympia Zanaki

BA on Mathematics, Athens University. She is a teacher of A-Level Mathematics in our school. An assessor of academic Maths for the national admission exams to University or/and Higher education. She’s got good IT skills, organisational skills in educational programmes and she is responsible for school timetable. She has taught Maths in Germany for five years. She speaks good German and English.