Ljudska univerza Velenje (SI)

Ljudska univerza Velenje is a public non-profit adult education institution providing education and support to various target groups.
LUV takes an active part in regional community by improving the educational structure of the population, by motivating and informing the members of the community and by involving them in the educational programmes.
57 years of tradition, the provision of expert knowledge and quality and friendly attitude towards our participants without doubt contribute to the fact that each school year more than 3.000 participants take part in various educational programmes.

Programmes are intended for adults and youngsters (primary school for adults, programmes for vocational secondary education, professional secondary education, technical-vocational education, professional post-secondary education, language courses and ICT

courses for adults and teenagers, training programmes for special labour requirements, study courses, leisure programmes, the national and international projects, etc.)


Mihaela Orozel - Team Leader

Translation graduate in Slovene, German and English language. Good consultancy, reporting, communication and presentation skills. Broad area of different educational fields. Efficient project coordinator with professional attitude and skills to deliver quality within agreed deadlines. Ability to learn fast and to adjust to new settings. Organizer of computer and language courses. She has experience in translations, teaching adults and young people and conducting language workshops. Good ICT skills. She works at Ljudska univerza Velenje since 2008.

Tadej Oprčkal

Graduate of Faculty of Administration in Ljubljana. Works at Ljudska univerza Velenje since June 2011. Organizer of programmes and courses related to integration and Slovenian language, project assistant and mentor in ICT courses for seniors. Good social and organizational skills, good communicator and motivator. Works on international projects, good working skills with people. Always willing to learn new things and share knowledge.