LTT in Greece

The MOVIE project in Athens!

Under the umbrella of the Erasmus+, the European funded programme for education and the project MOVIE: MOVIES and IMAGE EDUCATION, the Secondary School students from Emidio Navarro school in Almada, Portugal, their teachers, Eagle Intuition and Almada TV were welcomed by the 3 Lykeio Ilioupolis students in the last week of January 2020.

The welcoming Sunday dinner, under the Acropolis Hill rocks, was the beginning of a week of adventurous,  educational and cultural activities. On the first visit, to the 3rd Senior High of Ilioupolis both Portuguese and Greek teachers and students introduced to each other via activities, got in mixed groups , presented their educational systems,  enjoyed coffee snacks and exchanged common language phrases and gifts. All participant teachers and students were given the agenda of the weekly events. The Agenda activities combined educational, socio-cultural and culinary events – and taking photos and short videos having in mind the SDGoal of Quality in Education and collaboration. 

So, on the second day the cultural visit to the Acropolis Museum the Acropolis Hill and the area around was combined with shooting a 3’ video.  The third Day was mainly educational, with an editing training session at school where teachers supervised and guided the students who shared tips on shooting and editing based on the Tool Kit draft and uploaded their videos .  On the third day, in the cultural visit to the south tip of the Attica province, students explored the ancient site of the Poseidon Temple  at Sounio cape and Athens old Industrial metal mines- area of the past. On the fourth day, we explored the old city of Plaka and the Agora –the ancient market- and the Stadium of the Olympic games creating a set of photos-images to create an e-book of their experience. On the fifth day, a certificate ceremony was organized at the 3rd Lykeio Ilioupolis with the TV Almada taking interviews, asking participants about their experience, their plans for the next meeting, in Almada.

The farewell dinner, at the end of this Erasmus week, made the whole week an event of teachers and students reunion so enthusiastic that it took a long time for all to say “Buy! Until we meet again in Almada, Portugal!”  I’m sure it will be an unforgettable memory for all!


A postcard from Athens

The cultural visits

Museum visit

Poseidon Temple visit

Acropole Temple visit | Athens | January 2020 

Video Edition room

Athens  – Students LTT

STUDENTS training

January 2020

Students and Teachers opinions 

The Certification