Eagle Intuition (PT)

The Trainning Center EAGLE INTUITION is a very recent company, that gives trainning in many different areas, like trainning for those ones that what to became trainners. The project Training Center EAGLE INTUITION starts with a sustained working basis, already signed partnership with training provider certified by the principal ententies in Portugal.

 The mission of this company is to build for a better future, young people and adults, transmitting knowledge, different content and targeted employability, giving the best skills and certifications they start a journey in the labor market or obtain a good performance in the progression of their professional careers. Introducing and making available an innovative methodology based on valuing learning and the achievement of goals and objectives outlined. 


Rui Baltazar - Project Coodinator

Coordinator of the course: EUROPEANS SHARING VIEWS - Making sense of the world through multimedia and ICT and free Web Tools in Education: Another way to Teach and to Learn Teacher of ICT / Computers Science in the VET Courses Trainer of Teachers Master of Educational Sciences - Specialization in Computer Education (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) Degree in Computer Science - Specialization in Information Systems Specialization in Computer Engineering Coordinator for Information Technology and Communication (ICT) (AlmadaForma) Coordinator of the European Project PLAY WEB http://www.play-web.eu Member of the several European projects, like INTER+, FIVE, PLURI-LA

Diogo Barreiros

Diogo Barreiros is studying Computer Sciences on Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias. He is also a sports lover, so he enjoys playing football, cycling and running.