DNA from your school | Movie Project – an initiative that unites countries

The Emídio Navarro Secondary School, located in Almada, is part of the Emídio Navarro School Grouping. Its educational offer begins in pre-school education and ends in 12th grade, with a school community composed of 3000 students and 300 teachers. The school is currently involved in 17 projects supported by the European community and has several awards associated with the projects in which they participate. In an interview with Mais Educativa, Rui Baltazar, coordinator of European projects in the School Cluster, told us about the MOVIE project – Movies and Images in Education – which involves teachers, parents and students.

Read more, in Portuguese, at magazine MAIS EDUCATIVA website https://maiseducativa.com/2020/10/23/adn-da-tua-escola-projeto-movie-uma-iniciativa-que-une-paises/

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